Consulting Services in Development!

Currently conducting research in the Flathead Valley of Montana to develop surveys and design elements specific to the region and market. Please contact if you are a farmer, gardener, landscaping or real estate company interested in collaborating on a project or willing to participate in a survey or sample study!

Example Services

  • Soil Health: Surveys and Improvement Consults
  • Sustainable and Regenerative Land-use: Implementation & design practices for small farms, gardens, and landscapes.
  • Habitat Support & Home Sustainability: Consultations for increasing wildlife support for your home or business, exploring and empowering what you can do to help the environment!

Earth Wonder Habitat Support is intended to create a network of native nourishment, rest and reprieve for wildlife across the globe in safe and mutually beneficial ways.

Examples of Habitat Support

Schedule a consultation to support habitat in a way that matches your lifestyle, existing soil characteristics, and unique vision.

  • Habitat gardens & landscape planning to create an oasis for native pollinators, birds, and other creatures!
  • Soil Carbon Farming: Keep more carbon in the ground by understanding your soil! Surveys can help you assess appropriate soil amendments that increasing soil organic matter, vegetation coverage, and decrease pesticide/herbicide use.

A habitat

is an environment where an organism can find food, shelter, safety, and community. As far as we know, humans are the only animal actively destroying their own habitat at a rate faster than natural regeneration. We are losing pollinators, birds, and the diversity of many other beings at an alarming rate. Topsoil, trees, freshwater, and native vegetation are all declining as a result of urban expansion, industrial agriculture, and intensive resource use.

Wildlife pays a high price for human development and many species are in decline or endangered because the habitat they depend on is disappearing. From bees to the iconic polar bear, animals are having to travel further distances and expend more energy to find nourishment or shelter.

Some alarmists are using the phrase "insect apocalypse" to draw attention to the staggering loss of insects since the rise of industrial agriculture. Pollinators like bees, butterflies, and other insects, are vital to the health of our food system. Without them, one out of every three foods we eat would disappear.

Reciprocity is the driving force for regeneration. Recognizing that humans working in partnership with the land can lead to the healing and health of all ecosystems. In today's dominant culture, we take from the earth without giving anything back. The land is calling on us to shift into a reciprocal relationship with soil, where she feeds us and we nourish her in return.


Virtual consults are available!