The Deep Ecology of Fall

Merging Art, Science, & Personal Growth

forest ecology, watercolor painting, sound healing, and reflection

Welcome in the fall season with an afternoon of watercolor painting, fall forest ecology mini-lesson, energy work (qigong and breathwork), and a crystal singing bowl sound bath/ meditation.

Deepen your connection to the forest by understanding how leaves change in the fall and how their process mirrors energetic shifts in our own bodies and psyches. 

Saturday, October 19th

1pm - 4pm

Located at Glacier Sound Healing Center


Join the ranks of brave beginners following their curiosity. No previous watercolor or science experience required!

Warm drinks, light snacks, and a cozy fall atmosphere will be provided.

Earth Wonder Consulting in partnership with Glacier Sound Healing Center is offering this class to enhance our connection to nature by understanding the deeper ecological process of leaves, expression through watercolor, and honoring ancient healing modalities for time to set intentions and release as the seasons change.


  • Basic leaf biology and fall forest ecology
  • What we mean by "energy work": How to release and shed old stories, habits, and grievances through the art of ancient healing practices or qigong, Chinese medicine, and breathwork
  • The connections between sound, colors, and frequencies
  • To jump-start your creativity by taking time to nurture your inner artist
  • Learn basic watercolor and color mixing technics
  • Take time for self-reflection as we shift with the seasons. What is ready to fall away and what needs to be integrated from the summer months?


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Our events, strive to create a space where people come together to follow their curiosity, find relaxation and creative renewal while building community.

Earth Wonder Events is an open and inclusive environment based on promoting a sense of wonder for nature and our own capacity loving expression.

What to bring!

We will supply everything you need for a great experience! Warm drinks light snacks and a cozy fall atmosphere will be provided.

However, if you happen to have your own watercolor materials, please feel free to bring your own and a camp type chair to sit on while you paint.

Header Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

Fall leaf rainbow photo Chris Lawton on Unsplash