Earth Wonder gatherings are intended to spark wonder and gratitude in the hearts of participants, collaborate with local expertise, and cultivate a community of lifelong learners.

Attending an Earth Wonder class or event could transport you into the miniature world of mosses, soil organisms, wildflowers, or zoom out to the landscape ecology of wild places.

We feel that learning is especially engaging when the senses are awakened and in the great outdoors. We draw from the spiritual wisdom of earth elders and naturalists throughout the ages to find a slower pace and take time to:

Stop Look Listen

We strive to cultivate a space where gratitude, reciprocity, compassion, and love are the tools for transformation. Where every class has elements to engage the senses for embodied learning, times for soulful reflection, inquiry, and intentional listening.

Why Wonder?

Wonder pulls you across the threshold into the anima mundi or soulful world. This is a place where gratitude and respect are held for the uniqueness of all beings. The soulful world is recognized for its gifts of nourishment, shade, shelter, friendship, and beauty. It is here we realize the community and commonality in all things.

Sample Course Topics

  • Sketching In Nature
  • Lesson Topics – Combine or focus in deep
  • Fundamentals of Ecosystem Ecology
  • Agrio-Ecology and food systems
  • The Wonder of Seeds
  • Birds of Montana
  • Wildflowers & Shrubs of Montana
  • Edible & Native Gardens
  • Habitat Restoration & Support – Household & Business sustainability
  • Moss and Mushrooms
  • The Spiritual Ecology of Soil
  • Cycles: Air, Water, Soil
  • Carbon Cycle
  • Nitrogen Cycle
  • Animals as Teachers
  • Deep listening for children
  • The Spiritual Ecology of Soil
  • Mindful Planting
  • Spiritual Ecology Nature Walks (see retreat services)

Commonly Found Classroom Supplies

  • Sketchbook & Field Journal
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Colored Pencils
  • Microscope
  • Soil, rocks, seeds, plants, and animals!

Why Community?

Many people are calling to bring awareness to the struggling health of Mother Earth. The air, water, soil, and mental health of people, are suffering from a disconnected world. Unfortunately we the more we know it’s easier to feel discouraged with just how GLOBAL the problem really is. Our approach strives to offer hope, curiosity, and shifts in perspective that can make any effort towards reciprocity meaningful. Humans are wired for connection and support systems are a meaningful element in adopting new sustainability practices or mindsets.

A community of learners is even better! Coming together for the intention of sharing our gifts and spreading knowledge, information, and stories.

Upcoming Events

If you have your own special educational event, retreat, workshop check out my Administrative Services page for information on working together.

Whether we work together to create a custom workshop, guided nature meditation, or you chose an established curriculum, every Earth Wonder consulting services help you integrate sustainable or supportive practices into any project.

Earth Wonder Class Practices (Link to Document)

Earth Wonder Intentional Practices (Link to Document)

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