Classes are intended to spark wonder in the hearts of participants, by combining ecological themes with artistic expression; to nourish life-long learners and the journey of personal evolution.

Attending an Earth Wonder event could deep ecology classestransport you into the miniature world of soil organisms, focus on wildflowers and their pollinators, or deep into wild places; on the inside and out.

Upcoming Events

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Stop Look Listen

We feel that learning is most engaging when the senses are awakened and art, science, and intentions for personal growth are combined. We draw from the spiritual wisdom of earth elders and deep ecologists throughout the ages. Every class has elements to engage the senses for embodied learning, times for soulful reflection, inquiry, and intentional listening.

Sample Course Topics

  • Sketching and Nature Journaling
  • The Wonder of Seeds
  • Birds of Montana
  • Wildflowers & Shrubs of Montana
  • Native Edible Plants
  • Moss and Mushroom Ecology
  • Soil Ecology & Nutrient Cyclingmindful ecology, deep ecology
  • Animals as Teachers
  • Mindful Planting & Food Preparation

Commonly Found Classroom Supplies

  • Sketchbook & Field Journal
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Colored Pencils
  • Watercolors
  • Microscope
  • Soil, rocks, seeds, plants, and animals!

Past Events

deep ecology, ecology learning, fall forest ecology

Why Community?

Many people are bringing awareness to the struggle of Mother Earth. The air, water, soil, and mental health of people, are suffering from a disconnected world.

Unfortunately, the more we know, the easier it is to feel discouraged with just how GLOBAL the problem really is. Feeling of depression, apathy, and despair at the state of the world are common reactions.

Earth Wonder strives to offer hope, curiosity, and shifts in perspectives that can make any effort towards reciprocity meaningful.

A community of learners opens a supportive space to set intentions to share our gifts, and spread wisdom.

If you have your own special educational event, retreat, workshop check out my Administrative Services page for information on working together.

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