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Nature Journal and Inspiration Book

Part oracle wisdom and part fieldnote journal, the Nature Guide speaks to all your senses and sparks your inner creative.

It is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

Sketch · Write · Reflect · Imagine

We can’t WAIT to share this book with you. It is magic all the way through. Inspiration in art and in prose. It tells a story of the forest coming to life and the combining magic and wisdom of father and daughter.

The book is designed to bring to life the archetypal and biological wisdom of each nature being. Through prose, poetry, and sketches. The writing holds reverence and gratitude for all the wisdom that has come before this time, from indigenous and ancient cultures around the world.

It is our deepest wish that you hold this book close in the wildest of storms. When things are going your way and you are surfing the highest waves. But more importantly on the days when everything is hard when the shadows lurk and your hearing is heavy.

May the winds bring you clarity,

Bear carry courage to your door,

Horse gift you with grace

and Fox unveil the magic within.

The Nature Guide is a journal and sketchbook originally inspired by a sculpture created by Reagan Word.

The Wheel of Life is suggestive of an ancient relic that contains a timeless outline of the purpose of life and the soul’s journey through it.

-Reagan Word

The creative father-daughter Word team has collaborated to bring the great wheel to life. The writing by Mira and sketches by Reagan, infuse life into each animal and inspire the reader to sketch, muse, and ponder, the magic and power of their essence.

Horse Spirit Guide

Fox spirit animal