In the spirit of embracing my own renaissance nature; I help people with a variety of administrative and organizational tasks.

Do you find yourself at a point where outside help would go a long way?

My Task Rabbit Services can help!


  • Research & Scientific Writing: Research (literature reviews, editing references, creating educational outreach materials, drafting and editing manuscripts, and managing data.
  • Standardizing Procedures: Handbooks, reference documents, SOP's for scientific labs, mission, vision, company culture documents.

In Person

  • Workshop, Retreat & Event Planning Assistance: Workshop or retreat planning, facilitating ecological workshops for students of all ages, leading naturalist walks, and watercolor painting classes.
  • Guided Ecology & Mindful Nature Walks: Add an element to your event or retreat! I lead nature walks or meditations focused on dropping deep into the senses and learning about native plants and animals. Click here for more ideas on custom themes.

Click here for Sustainability Consulting & Habitat Support

I love working with mission-driven individuals with a mind oriented towards helping others and our planet.

My contract work is based on predetermined hourly, or flat rates depending on the topic, complexity, and length of the project.

Contact me to discuss a potential project!