In the spirit of embracing my own renaissance nature; I help people with a variety of administrative and organizational tasks.

Do you find yourself at a point where just a little help would go a long way?

My Task Rabbit Services can help!

  • Workshop & Event Planning Assistance: Marketing material design, logistics, timelines, vendor coordination, organizing/corresponding with participants, educational or curriculum development.
  • Research & Scientific Writing: Research, writing, and editing scientific papers, or less formal articles for sustainability and ecosystem ecology.
  • Communication & Correspondences: Crafting newsletters, blogs, website content, marketing materials, and organizational forms.
  • Project Management: Overseeing the implementation of sustainability or regenerative agriculture, landscape, or educational projects.
  • File or Database Management: Online or physical filing systems, formatting tables, cross-checking cells, formatting spreadsheets, transcribing data.
  • Presentation Design: Lecture slide content, editing, or graphic design, crafting custom talk or slide deck.
  • Standardizing Procedures: Handbooks, reference documents, SOP's for scientific labs, mission, vision, company culture documents.

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I love working with mission-driven individuals with a mind oriented towards helping others and our planet.

My contract work is based on predetermined hourly, or flat rates depending on the topic, complexity, and length of the project.

Contact me to discuss a potential project!