is to address the root of environmental issues by cultivating a sense of wonder in nature through creative expression, ecology, and sustainability initiatives.
Administrative services are provided with the mission to allow scientists (and businesses) to bloom into their full potential, by providing research and writing support.
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Wonder pulls you across the threshold into the anima mundi or soul-ful world. From here we recognize an interconnected world; where awe and gratitude are held for nature's nourishment, shelter, friendship, and beauty.

Not only do we need sound environmental science; we need stories of wisdom and depth that stir our primal connection to the earth.

After all, what is more powerful than an idea? Our beliefs about who we are, what we need, and how the world works, drive much of our environmentally destructive behavior. WONDER is particularly good at disrupting bad stories. When we are in a state of wonder, we have suspended our beliefs. We have opened up to the prospect that there is still more to learn and ways to be amazed.

Wonder allows us to expand into a new realm where anything is possible.

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Globally, we are losing biodiversity at an alarming rate. Some say humans have agreed to a way of living, so crazy, it cannot sustain itself. Humans are destroying their own home and harming vital life support systems.

Many of us are aware that things need to change but get overwhelmed and discouraged at the scale and intensity of "solving the problem".

Earth Wonder is all about reorienting our perspective to the ripple effect we have in our daily lives, rooted in the present moment. It's about cultivating a relationship with plants and animals to fundamentally shift how we think and behave.

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